What are you doing to help keep the studio safe during Covid?


Your safety is our top priority!

1.  We maintain classes of  12 or less in the studio.

2.  The bikes are stationed approx 4 feet apart in 3 separate rows.  All bikes are forward facing.  

3.  Our lockers remain closed, please leave your belongings in your car.

4.  We have sanitizing stations upon the entrance and exit of the studio.

5.  We encourage self check in on your app, if you are unable to check yourself in, one of our coaches will check you in. 

6.  We sanitize all equipment, including bikes with a 99% alcohol solution before and after each class.

7.  We have a commercial air purifier running at all times and a fan in the room circulating the air.  

8.  We use a commercial ozone machine after each class to sanitize the air before the next class.

9.  We use a commercial UV hospital grade sanitizing light to sanitize all surfaces after each class.

10.  We disinfect the floors with an enzyme based cleaner. 

While we continue to follow the above protocol for the cleanliness of our studio - it is the responsibility of the client to stay home when sick.   We do not do temperature checks or require masks to work out.  Each client assumes the responsibility and  assumes the risk of attending a public fitness class - as is posted throughout the studio and included in the liability waiver signed at registration.